• Al-Munawwarah : Jurnal Pendidikan Islam

    Al-Munawwarah : Jurnal Pendidikan Islam is published by P3M STAI Nahdlatul Wathan Samawa Sumbawa Besar. This journal contains studies of Islamic Education covering Islamic education, Islamic thought, Islamic education management, and other Islamic studies.

    Al-Munawwarah : Jurnal Pendidikan Islam is published twice a year, in March and September.

    The editors invite academics, lecturers, and researchers to contribute to this journal. The languages ​​used are Indonesian, English, and Arabic.

    This journal provides open access to anyone so that the information and findings in these articles are useful for everyone. This journal's article content can be accessed and downloaded for free, free of charge, following the creative commons license used. However, suppose the data in this article is used as material in article writing or anything else. In that case, you must quote and include the article author's name in the item being made.

    ISSN (Print)2088-8503 | ISSN (Online)2621-8046


    Al-Bayan: Journal of Islamic Law and Economics.
    This journal focuses on the publication of scientific research articles on Islamic Law, Islamic microfinance institutions, non-bank financial institutions, and other themes related to Islamic Law and Islamic Economics.

    Editors accept articles that have never been published in other media/journals in accordance with journal writing guidelines.

    This journal is published by P3M STAI Nahdlatul Wathan Samawa Sumbawa Besar